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Our society and cultural norms are changing very quickly, and just as the definitions of marriage and family are changing, so are the ideas of what a wedding is or should be.  With our community becoming more and more multi-cultural, weddings are becoming a melting pot of cultures and traditions.  Remix Wedding DJs have years of experience working with non-traditional and multicultural couples creating unique and extraordinary events.  We are always happy to assist and suggest ideas of how you can celebrate and honor both spouse's backgrounds and cultures during your wedding celebration, or how you can break from tradition and create your own unique celebration.  

Over the years we have assisted with events where we helped to merge cultures, music, and customs.  Our skilled DJs have extensive backgrounds playing very diverse genres and styles of music. We are comfortable playing music that a lot of other DJs might be intimidated by or would be unfamiliar with. We have also helped with wedding ceremonies for clients of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds and are comfortable to assist with music and sound for any type of wedding or marriage ceremony.

When planning a non-traditional, alternative, or multi-cultural weddings, a common concern we hear from our clients is that they worry if they request music from one spouse's culture, that the guests from the other side of the family may not dance, or may feel left out.  From our experiences, even if one side of the new family is not familiar with a particular type of music, as long as there are people dancing and having fun, then the other side will likely join in, even if they don't recognize or know the music.  Music is such a profound motivator and strikes a cord with people, even if they don't understand the words being sung or are not familiar with the melodies being played.  As long as the beat is solid and people are dancing, then other guests will be likely to join in.  The most heart warming moments from past events for us, have been watching new families come together and teach each other the dances from each other's respective cultures.  It is always amazing to watch how willing people are to try to learn a new dance from their new families during an event.

When planning a non-traditional or multi-cultural wedding, there are different ways of blending cultures during the festivities.  You may want to have a rehearsal dinner that honors and venerates one spouse's culture, and then have the wedding reception the next day celebrate the other spouse's culture.  You may want to create your own wedding ceremony that Remixes together both cultures in the ultimate ceremony mash-up.  Whatever your ideas, we are happy to help you create an event that celebrates your unique individual backgrounds.  Over the years we have helped many clients create unique and tasteful events that honored the roots and familial backgrounds of both partners.

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