Up Lighting

Up Lighting For Your Wedding

One of the most popular trends in event lighting for the last few years is "up lighting."  Up lighting is the use of LED lighting fixtures to add highlighted splashes of color through out an event or wedding venue.  These fixtures can create almost any color in the visible spectrum and can be calibrated to match the colors of your wedding reception palate. We deploy these units to highlight architectural elements within the room and create focal points throughout the space.  We generally keep these units static during cocktail and dinner (meaning set to one color), and then bring them to life once the dance party starts.  Our up lighting fixtures are computer controlled and can help extend the dance party vibe through out the entire reception space.  Below find some examples of our up lighting as well as some tips and things to think about when considering up lighting for your event. If you would like to add up lighting to your event please contact owner Mitch Fortune.