Destination Wedding DJs


Destination Weddings and International Weddings

Looking for a DJ for your destination wedding abroad?  Are you worried the DJ provided by the resort isn't going to meet your expectations, or that things might just get lost in translation when planning your reception?  We understand. Most resorts and destination wedding venues offer in house entertainment, but often times the DJs they provide just don't understand the cultural nuances of modern wedding receptions or don't have a full grasp of American wedding reception protocols and traditions. There is a better option!  Remix Wedding's DJs have performed at weddings around the globe and have experience planning and performing at destination weddings and we would be happy to work with you on your event.  Remix's international wedding DJ services are more affordable that you think and we offer competitive rates but more importantly, unmatched entertainment that you just won't get from a resort or local DJ at your wedding destination.  So how does it work?  Please see our Q&A below!

-So will you bring your own equipment to my destination wedding?  What does an international wedding DJ travel with?

     Obviously for us to try and bring our complete sound and lighting system to a foreign destination is cost prohibitive, logistically a nightmare, and just impractical. We will instead work with vendors at your destination to get the equipment we need.  Most resorts will have all the equipment that we would require. We will actually work with your resort to make sure they have a DJ set up for us that meets our performance needs.  We will bring our own music, laptop, and headphones, and usually they will provide everything else. If you are not hosting your event at a resort, we will ask that you contract with a local DJ company at your destination to provide the equipment that we would need.  We will work directly with then to ensure that the correct equipment is provided. You will simply be required to handle payments for their services.

-What do you charge for your international wedding DJ services?

     For destination weddings we simply charge our base fee and then airfare and lodging for 3days/2 nights.  We prefer to arrive the day before the event to avoid any hiccups from travel delays and so that we can settle in and make preparations with the onsite staff.  We typically depart the day after your event as our performance schedules keep us moving!    

-Are there any other fees?

     We do ask for travel expenses to and from the airport at the destination, i.e. hotel transfer or rental car depending on the situation.  

- Are your international wedding DJ rates negotiable?

     Absolutely!  We realize that you will be providing us with a mini vacation opportunity by serving as the DJ for your destination wedding.  We are very open to discussing various alternative compensation rates for our destination wedding DJ and international wedding dj services.

- What do your international wedding DJ services include?

     We will provide custom tailored music for your reception as well as handle event coordination during your reception.  We will help you plan the event so that every little detail is taken care of.  We will work directly with your on premise coordinator to make sure everything happens the way you have intended. We will serve as your tasteful MC and will coordinate all of the activities that you would like to take place during your destination wedding reception.  We can also help you plan and then provide the music for your destination wedding ceremony.  In addition to day of services, we can provide music for other night time events such as your rehearsal dinner, welcome party, send off/last night party, etc. 

- Why shouldn't we use the resort DJ?

     Well as mentioned, they probably aren't in tune with what music is actually cool and popular in the states.  There may also be a language barrier which may cause miscommunications in planning your event.  We will serve as your DJ, MC, and your coordinator during your destination wedding reception and due to our meticulous planning, we will be able to ensure your reception goes off with out any hiccups.  Keep in mind that resort DJs are also often lagging 10 years behind when it comes to pop music.  Yes, they usually have access to the current Top 40 and the "hits of the month" but usually they don't understand what is hot, and what is not.  Being that resort DJs cater full time to middle aged and older tourists, often their playlists are full of lame and cheesy music that you probably don't want played at your wedding reception.  By using one of our DJs for your destination wedding, you can be sure that the music for your wedding will be custom tailored to your tastes and will be a reflection of your style.  

- How do you handle travel arrangements?

     We can handle our own travel arrangements and then bill you for the travel fees.  If you are arranging group travel and we are departing from the same airport, we can travel with your group if that helps to secure a cheaper rate for your group.  We can also allow you to make travel arrangements if you have rewards points or miles you wish to redeem.

- How do we plan our destination wedding with our destination wedding DJ?

     We have made that so easy!  We have a custom online planning system that will allow you to plan your wedding reception from anywhere in the world.  You can log in on your phone, tablet, or computer and it will allow you to create playlists, including "must" and "do not" plays, and also specify to your DJ what activities you want to take place (or not) at your destination wedding.  Our online system will help you create a timeline for the day and will help you communicate all of the specific details of your event to your DJ. Once your DJ arrives at your destination, he will meet with you to review all of the information that you have provided through the online system.  


Here is a great little video walk through of our online system and a tutorial on how it works and how we use it to plan your event.