Client Wedding Planning Portal

As professional NC wedding djs we believe that proper planning is key to creating a flawless wedding reception or event.  Our online client portal allows you access to our music library and also helps us to communicate with you in order to plan all the details of your wedding reception or event.  In our online wedding dj planning system you can create playlists for your wedding or event, and specify moments and traditional activities that you would like to take place.  Our mobile dj event planning system helps us to better understand what you want to take place during your wedding reception or private event.  Once you have signed on with us as a client, you will be sent a username and password to access the client portal.  Please read the instructions below to help you get the most out of the planning system.  The system is designed to streamline communication and planning leading up to your event!  Please visit the "wedding planning" section of this website for valuable advice and information about picking music and songs for your reception.  

Online Client Portal Video Tutorial

Check out our video tutorial on getting the most from your online planning account!

Things to look for in the client portal


How to get the most out of the client portal

Clients, please note.  If you are making a payment in the client portal and are using a credit card that has previously been associated with a PayPal account, you will have to log into PayPal before making your payment.

Create a Timeline:  
By creating a timeline for your wedding or event, you help organize the flow of activities during the event.  No matter what happens, as long as we have a tentative schedule for your event, we can always move things back or move them up, depending on if things are running on schedule or not.  A timeline helps to ensure that all of your vendors will be on the same page as to what sequence things will be happening.  This timeline will also help us to coordinate with your other event vendors to make sure they are in the right place at the right time.   (Bridal Clients:  If you are working with a wedding planner, they will create a timeline for you, and you can simply have them email us a copy)

Select the Music for Dinner and Cocktail Hours
You will find a form in the portal called the "Cocktail and Dinner Music Planner."  This form will allow you to select specific genres of music for the first portion of the evening. (This period of time is referred to as the cocktail and dinner hours).  The planner will help you narrow down your musical preferences for this part of the evening.  The planner lists different genres of music and gives you examples of artists and songs that fall into that genre.  You simply select the genres of music you would like us to use.

The Music Management System:
This is where you can make requests for specific songs.  It has a searchable library for you to look up song ideas for your event as well as various top 200 lists of popular songs for different categories and activities.  In the music management system you can select specific songs and assign them to various playlists.   Playlists include 

  • Must Plays– Songs you definitely want to hear
  • Play If Possible– Songs you’d like to hear but won’t be heart broken if there isn’t the right moment to play them
  • Dedications– Can be announced or not, and you can include special instructions for when to play each song, such as “when my mom and dad are on the dancefloor.”
  • Play Only if Requested– Songs you may not like, but know someone may ask for. Your DJ will only play them if they are specifically requested by a guest.
  • Do Not Play– Just as important as the must plays! If you hate a particular artist, we want to know!
  • Guest Requests– With a special link that you can send out, you can give select guests the ability to log in and make music requests. You will get to approve or deny those requests in your final meeting with your DJ! 

Be aware that if you don't see a song you would like listed in the database, you can manually enter it and add any additional special instructions that you would like.  Not all of our music is listed in the database, and any songs we do not have, we will obtain at no charge to you.

Wedding Activities Form (Wedding Clients Only)
This is one of the most important forms for you to fill out.  This form will allow you to communicate to your DJ the specific announcements and activities that you would like for them to facilitate during your reception.   This form includes all the important details such as, who will be giving toasts, will there be toasts, will there be a dinner blessing, and will you be doing a bouquet toss, etc.  This form also covers all of the major announcements and activities for your reception.

Wedding Ceremony Planning Form (Wedding Clients Only)
Use this form if we are providing the music for your wedding ceremony.  This form will allow you to create a playlist for the prelude music, as well as choose processionals, the recessional, and interlude songs, etc.  

Introductions Form:  
You will use this form if you are doing a grand entrance.  This form will have you specify everyone who will be introduced during the grand entrance.  The form will also ask for specific pronunciations of names so that we get everyone's name correct during the introductions.  Your DJ will go over this form with you in your last meeting.

Vendor Information:

This form will ask for the names and contact info for your various wedding vendors.  This information allows us to work with them more easily by knowing their names in advance, and also allows us to share details such as your timeline with the other vendors before the event.  

One Year Wedding Timeline (Wedding Clients Only):

This form is simply for you to use in the months leading up to your event.  It is a simple checklist of things to be completing while planning your big day and a timeline of when things should be completed.  This form is a helpful tool in planning your event and making sure no details get overlooked!

Meetings, Emails, Documents, Payments and Contact Info
The planning system will keep track of all your event related forms such as your contract, and also payments that you have made.  You can see this info as well as emails we have sent you under the event details tab.  You can also contact us at anytime through the planning system's internal messaging system by clicking on the "Contact" tab.  You will also see meeting reminders and other event related items under the event details tab.  You can also update your own personal contact info with us by clicking on the "My Profile" tab.